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Albero Vilaplana (AVC) releases new website

Albero Vilaplana (AVC) releases new website

10 December, 2013Noticias

Albero Vilaplana, company from Ibi (Alicante) and dedicated to the toy sector since the year 1967, releases its web image to reinforce its presence in the network and to offer the best online service to its customers.

The new website is formed by a striking and colorful image related to the product that the company makes: toys. At the same time the new web page is a renewed appearance in which the customer can find the information quickly, something fundamental in any website.

Moreover Albero Vilaplana has updated the information and the content so that the custormer can  know the latest news of the company and  look up for the products in its extensive on-line catalog.

Facilitating the access to the catalog, the toy company has added various accesses: from the home, or from the menu at the top.

One of the best novelties of the renewed website, is the showroom section, the easiest way to visit from your house the showrooms in which Albero Vilaplana has participed.

The company has added the paragraph “Customers”, in which it is   possible to access with a user and password and to access to the private material.

Albero Vilaplana (AVC) , company nearly 50 years old , has always dedicated its production to the manufacturing of metal and plastic toys, although nowadays the company is  dedicated to the manufacturing of plastic toys.

The company has a great presence in the national trade, but exports its products to the rest of the world too, being represented by GB Fabricantes, BToys.

From the beginning, AVC has adapted to the demands of the trade, and for that reason, the company has bet for its presence in Internet ,and it  has been reinforced through its renewed image that permits them to be closer of its custormers.


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