» An oil company from Egypt buys machinery in Ibi
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An oil company from Egypt buys machinery in Ibi

An oil company from Egypt buys machinery in Ibi

19 September, 2014Noticias

The company MIRS PETROLEUM, belonging to the Egyptian Government with headquarters in Alexandria, has acquired machinery manufactured by the company from Ibi LUXBER for its manufacturing of containers to its production of lube oil.

It is not the first time that the Egyptian company truststhe products of the company from Ibi, as Ricardo Sánchez of LUXBER affirms “this is the fifth machine that MIRS PETROLEUM has acquired. They have trusted us for the last three years because we have a high level of technology and quality”.

This time, they have chosen a blown-extrusion equipment of containers of 16 and 20 liters that, moreover, has a IML Robot for the labeling of the containers inside the mold as well as the best systems of control, programming and operation.

The LUXBER staff travelled to Alexandria to celebrate the inauguration of the machine and they were accompanied by the President of Misr Petroleum, Mr. Saeed El Gamal, who was surprised by the size of the machine and congratulated the LUXBER staff for their good job.

The products from Ibi can be found around the world and this is another example. LUXBER, company belonging to IBILONJAVIRTUAL, has showed its congratulations to the oil company “We are grateful for the confidence in our brand”

For his part, Héctor Torrente, Director from IBILONJAVIRTUAL, searcher of products and industrial processes formed by companies from the interior of Alicante, among which is LUXBER, has showed his satisfaction “this is one more example of how the products that we manufacture in Ibi and the zone are present in a lot of countries. Here exists a level of quality and knowledge that permits us to be globally competitive”.



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