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Companies from Ibi around the world

Companies from Ibi around the world

16 December, 2014Noticias

The month of December is the prelude of a new year, new projects and new challenges for the companies from Ibi. The month of December is the beginning and the end, and  fortunately, 2014 is being positive for the industry in Ibi whose activity has not ceased and this has made possible that new companies are installed in Ibi and the present ones  grow and  can open  to new markets.

The exports, one year more, have been fundamental for our industrial activity consisting of over 550 companies that have already exported to more than 100 countries around the world.

Ibi has a diversified industry that can manufacture any product, making possible to be present in fairs of global reference.

The first stop of the year was in Hong Kong, where toy companies like Moltó y Cia, Palau Toys, Albero Vilaplana, Color Baby, Injusa and Claudio Reig showed their novelties that this coming Christmas the children from everywhere will enjoy.

The month of February started with strength for Plastimodul, that visited Maderalia Fair celebrated in Valencia, which every year gathers companies from architecture, decoration and interior sectors.

Plásticos Inden, continuing with its internationalization strategy of its products for the pharmaceutical sector has visited four fairs during 2014: Pharmapack, celebrated in Paris, Vitafoods, in Switzerland, the Maghreb Pharma-Expo, celebrated in the north of Africa and CPhl Worldwide in Paris.

The company Bru y Rubio has visited the main fairs of mold during this year, among which are Fip Solution Plastique 2014, celebrated in June in France as well as Interplas fair celebrated in England and where the company presented its “Runnertech” products.

IQAP Masterbatch was present in Wire Fair celebrated the last month of April in Düsseldorf, Germany. They also visited Equiplast, celebrated in Barcelona and where they coincided with the company from Ibi Pohüer.

In the same city, the company from Ibi Cadenalia was present in April in the Food Fair and where its main product, Iristrace, had a great welcome.

Obleas Quintin travelled for the first time to USA to present its treats section, as well as its edible decoration articles for bakery, in the Fancy Food Show.

Color Baby presented in Intergift, celebrated in Madrid, its product range to decoration, as well as its novelties in products for Christmas, all of them in a stand of more than 600 square meters.

The MIDEST fair, focused on the subcontracting sector and celebrated in Paris, had a great participation of companies from Ibi, among which was Carlos Valero S.L and Joviar S.L.

Moreover, several companies from Ibi visited the French fair among which were Crediplast, IDFA, Inyectados Ibi, Joycli, Metalizados Ginés, Teflomet and Torneados Sola.

ITC Packaging, company from Ibi packaging manufacturer with exclusive designs, has been present another year in “Packaging Innovations”, fair that the company visited in London last year and which his year has been celebrated in Madrid.

The year has finished with the participation of Litochap in Emballage, the International Packaging Fair celebrated in Paris, and where the company from Ibi presented its containers manufactured in tin.

All these visits and participations in fairs, made by companies associated to IBIAE, are the reflection of the work of all the companies from Ibi that with their effort, get year after year to transform Ibi in an industrial referent in Europe and Spain.


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