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We manufacture more than 200 products We develop more than 60 industrial processes
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TAX DOMICILE: Avd. Juan Carlos I, nº 79 entreplanta TOWN: Ibi POSTCODE: 03440
PHONE NUMBER 1: 965551513 FAX: 965550971


If you have a project in mind, DiDes undertakes to develop it from start to finish, advising you at all times and giving the best possible options to maximise its profitability.

Creativity and Innovation from the initial phase of the project.

The product not only has to be creative and innovative but also has to be designed with the corresponding manufacturing process. In DiDes we develop your products so they fully adapt to their production process, thus we are allowed to offer savings on time and costs.

*CAE Analysis:
We foresee potential problems your product may have both in the production stage and its final usage and define the most suitable material for each of the components that make up your product.

We provide simple solutions in order to not make the project more complicated than it is.

We conduct a systematic and comprehensive control of all production phases. Our goal is that your company focus on its business and delegate to Dides our main mission; offering total solutions in the design and development of your products.

We design logos, brands and the corporate image of your company as well as catalogues or adverts that best suits your industry and product type.

Offered processes
  • Logo graphic design
  • Corporative image design
  • Free-hand outline design
  • 3D CAD product design
  • Structural Calculation CAE
  • 3D NX design software training
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