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TAX DOMICILE: C/. Rafael Pascual, 6 TOWN: Ibi POSTCODE: 03440
PHONE NUMBER 1: 966552569 FAX: 966552791

eGAM.BPM is a technological platform for Business Process Management for companies and organizations developed by QMS.

QMS is a company composed by a professional team of engineers and computer specialists with a great experience in the field of business organization, especially in the optimization of processes to erase red tape and generate value.

Products for sale
  • Quality management systems:

  • Software for quality management systems ISO 9001: eGAM Calidad
  • Software for quality management systems for the automotive industry ISO/TS 16949: eGAM Calidad automoción
  • Software for quality management systems for the aerospace industry UNE-EN 9100: eGAM Calidad aeroespacial
  • Software for quality management systems for sanitation products ISO 13485: eGAM Calidad sanitaria
  • Software for quality management systems for sanitation transport UNE 179002: eGAM Calidad transporte sanitario

    R+D+I management systems:

  • Software for R+D+I management systems UNE 166002: eGAM I+D+i
  • Software for technological vigilance systems UNE 166006: eGAM Vigilancia

    Environmental management systems:

  • Software for environmental management systems ISO 14001: eGAM Medioambiente
  • Software for ecodesign management ISO 14006 / UNE 150301: eGAM Ecodiseño
  • Software for energy management systems UNE 16001: eGAM Energía

    Safety and risks management systems:

  • Software for food harmlessness management systems ISO 22000: eGAM Inocuidad alimentaria
  • Software for food safety management systems BRC: eGAM BRC alimentario
  • Software for food safety management systems IFS: eGAM IFS alimentario
  • Software for orchard and garden management systems GlobalGAP: eGAM GlobalGAP agroalimentario
  • Software for supply chain safety management systems ISO 28000: eGAM Suministro
  • Software for safety and health management systems OHSAS 18001: eGAM Seguridad y salud
  • Software for information security management systems ISO/IEC 27001: eGAM Seguridad

    Social responsibility management systems:

  • Software for universal accessibility management systems UNE 170001: eGAM Accesibilidad

    Software for business process management:

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