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TAX DOMICILE: C/ Alemania 8 TOWN: Castalla POSTCODE: 03420
PHONE NUMBER 1: 965561206 FAX: 966560651

We are a Spanish company focused on the design and manufacture of all kinds of profiles for the furniture industry. The services we can offer range from the design and development of new products to the manufacturing of the same. For their development of all these stages we have the following departments:

The R+D+i, consisting of six experienced technicians, is equipped with the latest CAD-CAM technology for the design and development of new projects, which allow us to offer new and innovative products.

The Tooling development Division is able to manufacture rows, moulds and dies; it is equipped with several high speed and high performance machining centres. Together with these technical resources we have a team of 15 people which is responsible for making all the tools, ensuring their functionality and quality.

For the manufacture of all our products we offer different divisions which develop extrusion works, injection and finishes. These divisions are well equipped with technical and human resources to offer products tailored to the needs of today’s markets demands.

We have a wide range of products, from which we want to highlight our comprehensive programs for blinds cabinets, our own mouldings, special profiles and edges both rigid and flexible.

The quality system introduced in our company ensures that all our products meet all the specifications of quality and service of our customers so that we can grant their total satisfaction.

Products for sale
  • PVC edges
  • ABS edges
  • Thermoplastic profiles
  • Furniture shutters
  • Screw caps
  • Special profiles
  • Hybrid edges
  • Flexible edges
  • Thermoplastic injection moulds
  • Aluminium Injection moulds
Offered processes
  • Profile extrusion
  • Edge extrusion
  • Mould manufacture
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