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Flinsa redesign its website

Flinsa redesign its website

4 September, 2014Noticias

The company from Ibi Flinsa offers a new corporative image in its website with the objetive to be suitable to the current time and trends.

The market is in continuous evolution, the companies change and their services and products increase for what it is necessary to keep a corporative image related to the new concepts. For that reason, Flinsa has renovated its website with a very accurate image.

The website is more than a simple presentation card; nowadays Internet is one of the media that moves the world and with it the first contact of the company with its customers is made many times.

Thus, it is very important to produce a website in optimal conditions so that users can find all the content clearly,along with a design related to the philosophy of the company.

The new web of Flinsa gathers all requirements because the changes have been focusedon a clearer information of its products and services, which appears with a new simpler organization for the user.

Fashions change and with them the web designs, for that reason the new web of Flinsa is adapted to new trends which gives a more modern look to the company and permits that the web charges quickly, because it is calculated that nowadays the user doesn’t wait more than 5 seconds for a website to charge completely.

To end, Flinsa has adapted its website to other devices like mobile phone or tablets. Currently it is expected that more than 50% of the users use their mobile phone to surf internet, a date that shows it is necessary to adapt the website to the size of every screen.

Since its creation in 1972 Flinsa has neverstopped innovating. In 1988 they extended their product range with the manufacturing of high-frequency welded steel tube. In 2007 they extended their facilities to 38.000m2 and in 2011 they started the manufacturing of the new range of stainless steel products, strip and tubes, under the registered trademark Flinox®, as well as laser cutting and drilling.

Each and every one of the areas of the company are in line with the last trends, included its online corporative image that now has a new design that you can see visiting its website www.flinsa.com



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