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Flinsa was in Tube 2016

Flinsa was in Tube 2016

6 May, 2016Noticias

Flinsa was in the fair Tube 2016 of Düsseldorf at the beginning of April. Gregorio Pérez, company’s general manager, says “this stage meets manufacturers of processes and manufacturers of products and it’s considered as the most important trade fair of the world”. In fact, “the main Japanese, American and European manufacturers are there”. His reasoning goes ahead “We can say that those who aren’t in the Düsseldorf fair don’t exist to large tube markets”.

According to visitor’s profile, Pérez says “it’s mixed but there are technicians, buyers and directors of multinationals from the automotive sector”. “Then there are too small businesses which make or consume tube and they go to see new developments and to meet with new providers” he says.

flinsa2Another aspect that the Director of Flinsa stresses is the number of visitors and their quality. “The fair has met more visitors than ever and we have had more important visits than the last edition. As result of our effort, we have increased our exports in comparison with the previous year 2016, when we exported 10-12% and now we export 25%, the majority goes to Central Europe” he admits.

Flinsa focus a great part of their production to the automotive industry. Nowadays this industry is one of the key drivers of the global economy and it’s acclimatizing to the current situation. In that sense, Gregorio Pérez makes a reflexion about the adaptation to the constant innovations of the important car trademarks and he references to designs with new qualities and new ways of building seats and chassis tubular structures. “This means that you should adapt those processes and go ahead. Being at the forefront means that you must know what it’s going to happen before it happens. If you wait it’s too late because someone else could have beyond you and if you go ahead with less velocity than them, you are lagging behind”, he says. However, he points “it’s easy to say but it has to be a goal and your team must have that mindset and apply a constant and intelligent effort”.

What is the secret for this sector not to fail like other sectors which don’t have progressed? To Pérez “this is one of the main sectors of the economy because it is one of the most innovative sectors and then its innovations are adapted by others”. He explains it that way “If the automotive industry chooses to lose weight to reduce consumption it demands to steelmaking advanced materials”. In consequence, these advances are subsequently applied in other productive areas like the metal furniture, woodworking or the building of different structures. But besides a delay of many years or decades.

flinsa3Currently progresses go to new elements in development processes like Pérez says. “Nowadays in the automotive industry they work with multifunctional materials which are not even known in very universities”.

Furthermore, the next date with a fair will be in Maastrich. Flinsa will go to the Dutch city where a sample of stainless steel will be shown, which is the latest product implemented in the prefabs of the company.

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