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Hega Hogar has a team of 5 stars

Hega Hogar has a team of 5 stars

13 April, 2015Noticias

The company from ibi Hega Hogar has become nowadays a referent of the manufacturing of housewares in thermoplastic. With more than 20 decades of experience, and facilities of more than 25.000m2, its products reach more than 30 countries around the world.

Despite these good figures, Hega Hogar bets to get new challenges every day and to develop products that stir up the market, as Lino Vila Director of the company, explains to us, and with whom we review the path of Hega Hogar:

1. ¿Since when Hega Hogar is dedicated to the manufacturing of plastic products?

Hega Hogar has manufactured plastic injection articles since 1987. They are more than 20 years of learning over our successes, but above all, a continual learning and professionalization with the mistakes. In these years there have been a lot of hours of work, and a big daily effort of all the team of Hega, to find solutions to the challenges presented. Although it seems like a topic, the companies are formed by people, with their ideas and implication.

2. ¿Why do you think that important brands like Coca-cola trust the products of Hega Hogar?

If I could express it in one word, I would choose FRIENDSHIP. In all these years of work, there is a mutual confidence between Hega Hogar and the customers. We want more than a relationship supplier-customer, we prefer a relationship friend-friend, looking for solutions to their needs. We seek different options so that the purpose of our customers is our own purpose.

In order that a product arrives on time a team of 5 stars is necessary, and in Hega Hogar we have it. There is a lot of daily work that can’t be seen, but our customers can perceive, and that becomes a security, that nowadays, is a feature pretty valued by our customers.

3. ¿What products that you have manufactured are recognized by the public?

Hega Hogar can be a synonym of dynamism, where we try to get new products adapted to the needs of our customers every year. A product that has been a success in the market has been a case for cheese, with a great acceptance.

Year after year, we release novelties, because the variety of products is important for us.

4. Summer is coming and with it the promotions and novelties, Any interesting project that you can tell?

There are interesting things that will be released soon, but we can´t tell yet because of the confidentiality that we have with our customers.

5. What are the objectives of the company to short-term?

As we have indicated, the word dynamism is a very important value in our company. We invest in the company to have the last technologies in machinery, molds and facilities.

Productos of Hega Hogar

Productos of Hega Hogar

Showroom of Hega Hogar

Showroom of Hega Hogar









Showroom of Hega Hogar

Showroom of Hega Hogar

Product to preserve cheese

Product to preserve cheese




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