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Hega Hogar was in Ambiente 2016

Hega Hogar was in Ambiente 2016

15 March, 2016Noticias

Hega Hogar was in Frankfurt in February to show all their new projects and their large articles catalogue in the trade fair Ambiente. The German event meets all the companies which make every item in all levels that we can find in a house, like plastic sector companies, glass, ceramic, textile, etc.

hega2Lino Vila, director of Hega Hogar, explains “we show twelve new products but nowadays every month innovations are being created with the actual technology”. Furthermore, he says “commercial network presents it quickly to all markets”. “Ambiente is useful to build up the relationship with actual costumers and every year we acquire new costumers”. “This year has been good”.

According to the kind of visits that they received in their exhibitor, he says “there was a lot of client from Arab countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. The European client was the most common but there were few English costumers because they protect too much their market”. Vila says that Hega Hogar is established in a lot of countries where they product “has been tested and it works”. “Our quality is good and high when we talk about price competitiveness”, he says.

hega3The future perspectives of Hega are optimist. In that sense, Lino Vila says “we want to consolidate costumers and with our new offers we are getting positive results”. As he says “the bet is growing up in the markets that we didn’t have presence and in those where we are introducing ourselves”.

Additionally, Vila says that nowadays one of the main items of Hega Hogar is a “lunch box with cutlery and double-compartment which is going so good”.

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