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11 Apr 2011

Discover the potential of Ibi and its region

Discover the potential of Ibi and its region

– Ibi is the 17th Spanish town out of a total of more than 8.000 that registers more Utility Models, according to the Spanish Office for Trade Marks and Designs

Ibi manufactures all the cornets that the largest fast food company in the world sells in Spain

A company in Ibi manufactures 60,000 reducers weekly

More than 6,000 people work in the industrial sector of Ibi in some of its 550 companies

– The working population of Ibi is 16,000 and it has more than 2,500,000 square meters of industrial land, that is more than 150 square meters per worker.

– Ibi exportsto more than 100 countries around the globe

– A company manufactures lighting metal components for Philips Lighting.

– Another one colours the dashboards, mudguards and mats ofFord and Renault cars. Furthermore it colours the taps of Lanjarón and FontVella water bottlesentre otras.

– The Audi “rings” are manufactured in Ibi and the logos of Wolkswagen, Seat and Opel.

20,000,000 are the meters of PVC corner protectors yearly manufactured in Ibi of brands such us Porcelanosa and Flex.

– A company manufactures 40,000,000 of wine bottle taps, and 2 million vodka bottle taps for Russian market.

– There is a company that daily manufactures 4,000 battery chargers.

– A company manufactures containers for hospital waste productsfor countries such as Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, France, Italy or Japan.

300,000 plastic containers are manufactured daily for the pharmaceutical sector.

– A company manufacturedthe most popular collectible in Europe ever , the Human Body collectible.

This is a tiny example of what is manufactured in Ibi and the region.

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