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Legal Information

General information

With the purpose to comply with the provisions contained in the Article 10 of the 11th July Act 34/2002, on services of information society and electronic commerce, ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) provides the following general information:

  • Corporate address: The trading company ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) has its corporate address at San Juan Bosco, 1 03440 Ibi (Alicante)
  • Contact person: For further information please contact the Safety Manager, either by mail, telephone 966552736, or the e-mail ibiae@ibiae.com
  • Tax Identification Number: TIN. G03875382
  • ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) has informed the Companies Registry Office its internet domain ibiae@ibiae.com

Contents and access

The user commits to make a good use of this website, understanding by good use the one that is consistent with the valid legislation, good faith and public order.

ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) will make its best efforts to avoid any mistakes in the information provided on the page, though, it will assume no responsibility for any damage that the existence, if any, of such mistakes may cause to its users, since the inclusion on this website of marketable products is for informational and advertising purposes only.

ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) may change the contents of this webpage at any moment and without prior notice and is exonerated from any responsibility that might result from making that change.

Industrial and intellectual property

ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) owns the intellectual property rights of this web page, (source code, graphic design and contents). Therefore, any act of reproduction, distribution, public diffusion and transformation is forbidden without the express authorization of ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE).
The distinctive signs shown on this website are protected by the corresponding intellectual property rights which belong to ASOCIACIÓN DEEMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE), and therefore their use is prohibited for trade unless under the protection of a license.


The inclusion in the website ibiae@ibiae.com of links to other sites is for informational purposes only and does not imply that ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) recommends and/or grant such sites, over which it has no control, nor is responsible for the content thereof.

The authorization by ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) of the inclusion of a hyperlink to a third party site does not imply the existence of a contractual relationship with the third party and must not make the user to think that it is a suggestion.

By virtue thereof, ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) assumes no responsibility for the content shown in the mentioned webpage.

Electronic system

ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESARIOS DE IBI (IBIAE) is not liable for any damages caused to the user because of the electronic system interruption, its malfunctioning or the existence of computer viruses, caused by reasons beyond parts.

Applicable Law

These general conditions are under the Spanish law.

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