» IQAP Masterbatch receives  students of Plastic Cycle in its facilities
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IQAP Masterbatch receives  students of Plastic Cycle in its facilities

IQAP Masterbatch receives students of Plastic Cycle in its facilities

24 February, 2014Noticias

The students of Plastic Cycle know the IQAP Masterbatch facilities, multinational localized in Ibi (Alicante) with more than 30 years of experience in the production of masterbatch of high quality, namely, the coloration of products to diverse sectors.

The cooperation between the high schools and the company not only is a cornerstone for the training of students, moreover, it  is essential for the future of the industry as Ricardo Moltó, Responsible of Plant of IQAP Masterbatch, highlighted during the visit that he organized for the students.

The facilities, with an extension of 10,000m2, was visited by  the students in the same order as a product would do for a client, through all stages of production: study stage, proof stage in the laboratory, production stage and at least the storage. All of them, with the support of professionals of the company , namely, Marisol Estébanez, Responsible for the Technical Department, Pascual Pradas, Production Responsible and Fco. José Santonja, Colorist.

Some of the most outstanding areas  were the Development Laboratory and the Quality Laboratory, intended for research and development of more efficient new products according to the transformation process of its customers.

The pilot plant of the company was another of the most interesting areas during the visit. In this plant are reproduced the production processes in a small scale, to determine if the processes are valid for the industrial production later.

The students were very impressed with the facilities of IQAP Masterbatch as well as with its yes technology that permits them to be leaders it its trade and activity sector.

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