» ITC Group increases its production capacity with its new machinery
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ITC Group increases its production capacity with its new machinery

ITC Group increases its production capacity with its new machinery

7 March, 2014Noticias

The company from Ibi ITC Packaging, increases its production thanks to its three new hybrid BMB injection units.This company is a leading firm in the production of machinery of mold by injection.

The new hybrid BMB injection units have supposed an increase in the productive capacity of the company in more than 20%, to which is added an expansion of the productive surface of ITC in more than  800m2.

Moreover,  this technology is a leader combining efficiently the advantages offered by hydraulic and electrical mechanisms, saving  energy with the same benefits. Once more, the efficiency and care for the environment is essential for the companies of our zone.

Further to the new machinery, ITC has a plant equipped with “iml” label system that permits to manufacture more than 500 million # packagings injected in “iml” every year.

This dates corroborate the importance that the investment in R+D+I (research, Technological and development and innovation) has for the company, in which the firm more than 10% of its annual turnover.

In the same line, the company from Ibi has installed more than 20 vision control systems to guarantee the quality of its products. They are necessary equipments for the manufacturing of containers with high productivity, that exceeds 12,000 units every hour in some cases.

All  this permits ITC to have three productive plants and seven logistic platforms in which they  develop more than 30 new products every year.

Some of the most outstanding packagings  that were presented in 2013 have been the sandwich packaging with a unique and pioneering design in Europe: the creation of a new model of  a top for Ordesa Laboratories, which was a revolution and which  won the award for the best packaging  in the #m4f congress, without forgetting  the new packaging for Mozzarella.

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