» Limpiezas Garvi, referent in the cleaning sector, turns 25
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Limpiezas Garvi, referent in the cleaning sector, turns 25

Limpiezas Garvi, referent in the cleaning sector, turns 25

24 February, 2015Noticias

Limpiezas Garvi cumple 25 años como referente en el sector de la limpieza y el mantenimiento integral para empresas y comunidades.

The company, which was founded in 1990 by D. Alfonso Vizcaino Hidalgo and D. Trinidad García Navarro “emerged willing to cover the latent need for the ibense town about unblocking services, sewer cleaning and cesspit”, as company sources say.

Year after year they have been specializing and have invested in new machinery to become a leader in the cleaning industry in our region.

Throughout these 25 years they have also expanded their range of services to suit the needs of each client as they told us “Initially we usually engaged in cleaning pipe sewers and cesspools, but we gradually were extending to general cleaning of buildings, and public and private premises, polishing and buffing floors” also currently they are engaged in “transport of hazardous waste”.

Also, Limpiezas Garvi, has improved and adapted its facilities throughout its history “we began in a commercial room of 100m2 located in the village, and today, we are in the industrial area in a 1000m2 warehouse “.

Furthermore, ready to offer the best service to their customers and concerned about their satisfaction, in Limpiezas Garvi they rigorously follow the rules in order to carry out a perfect execution of the service offered. And all this without forgetting their workers, skilled professionals who are constantly motivated to do their job in the best way possible and in any space with secured commitment.

Always on the move and with a vision toward the future, the main objectives of Limpiezas Garvi are to maintain current services and expand to other places to continue guaranteeing first class results, always at the best prices.

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