» Manuel Roca S.L., almost half a century of innovation and diversification
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Manuel Roca S.L., almost half a century of innovation and diversification

Manuel Roca S.L., almost half a century of innovation and diversification

8 September, 2014Noticias

A lot of companies from Ibi have a great trajectory thanks to their hard work and adaptation to the change that has made these companies a referent of its sector. This is the case of Manuel Roca S.L, company created by Manuel Roca Garcia at the beginning of the 70´s.

Since its origin the company has always been linked to the electrolytic coating industry, specially the coating of metal parts with zinc.

The evolution of the company has been important to move in a trade so demanding; as Nuria Roca current Manager of the company explained, “We have demonstrated a great capacity of adaptation, innovation and diversification according to market demand”.

The highest growing of the company was in the 90s when the company bet for new machinery and a staff extension “In 1998 we had two lines of hypes and one static, nowadays we have four lines of hypes and one static, and for that reason the production has increased dramatically”.

2001 was also important for the company from Ibi because they changed their facilities for a 1300m2 new industrial warehouse where they currently. work

The staff extension, the new machinery and the improvement of their facilities caused a wide diversification “At the beginning we worked only for the toy sector and the auxiliary industry, nowadays we work too for diverse sectors like furniture, construction and automotive sector”, according to Nuria Roca

The commitment with the environment is reflected in the daily activity of the firm according to the sources of the company “In 1998 we installed a treatment plant to clean the wastewater”. They have also participated in environment projects “We have collaborated in the Regional Industrial Waste Plan”.

Reaching the half-century of age is not easy, but Manuel Roca S.L has proved it possible with effort, quality and adaptation, a very common feature among the companies of our region.


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