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Plásticos Inden celebrates its 25 anniversary

Plásticos Inden celebrates its 25 anniversary

13 January, 2014Noticias

Plásticos Inden, founded in 1989, celebrates its 25th anniversary to the service of packaging and being a referent in the pharmaceutical sector in our country.

The company from Ibi (Alicante), is an example of family business that since its creation has continued to evolve and innovate to create new and best products prepared to the high demands of the big firms.

In the beginning of the firm, Plásticos Inden manufactured toys, however, the economic crisis of the 80s affected this sector and  the company too. For this reason, the founder of the company, Bernardo Guillem Verdú, didn´t give up and diversified its business.

Plásticos Inden made the best of its knowledge and machinery in the manufacturing of molds and plastic treatment and started to make covers for candles, business that has still continued in the facilities of the company.

Nowadays, the company is specialized in the manufacturing of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry and their production has been diversified to supply its products to the cosmetic and food industry, two of the most demanding sectors in the trade, along with the pharmaceutical.

25 years after its creation, Plásticos Inden is pioneer of the pharmaceutical sector in Spain as well as of  the introduction of Clean rooms for the production of PET packagings.

At present, the company manufactures more than 100 million packagings every year and each product passes 8 quality tests that ensure the asepsis and hygiene of the product.

The internationalization of the company has been essential for the development of the company during 25 years. Plásticos Inden exports its products to Portugal, Italy and France, and the company is thinking about internationalizing its products to Mexico, where the firm would supply containers that aren´t made in the American country.

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