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Plastimodul renews its website

Plastimodul renews its website

28 October, 2014Noticias

Plastimodul, company with a long history in the furniture fittings sector, has renewed this year its website with a new design adapted to the mobile platforms among other features.

Moreover, the company from Ibi has changed the design of the website, that combines the white and gray colours, both present in the Plastimodul logo and which transmit clarity. They make the surfing in the web simple as well as the search of content.

The website is divided into different sections to facilitate the search of products to the costumer, and coming soon they will add a dynamic section of products, as sources of the company affirms.

Maybe one of the most interesting parts in the web is the video section, formed by a gallery of different videos where the user can see the mechanism of the fittings manufactured by Plastimodul, with a panoramic view from its interior, showing all gear parts.

Plastimodul has nowadays an extended product range for the kitchen and bath equipment, handles, metal drawers and closet systems. Its bet for the quality and the service makes possible that every year they bring out new and better products to the market.

Plastimodul, with more than 20 years in the market, invests in technological equipment that provides dynamic and efficient solutions. They use first quality materials and strict control systems in all their products and they offer a great range of finishes .

Their rigorous quality control to guarantee the strict adherence to the high level of finish, allows them to be referents in their sector and to be part of the furniture of Spanish and foreign households.

If you want to know more about this company, visit its website clicking here.


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