» Pohüer attends Equiplast as an example of company that bets for the R+D+I
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Pohüer attends Equiplast as an example of company that bets for the R+D+I

Pohüer attends Equiplast as an example of company that bets for the R+D+I

1 October, 2014Noticias

The Technological Institute of Plastic (AIMPLAS) has invited the company from ibi, Pohüer, to EQUIPLAST, the International Salon of the plastic and rubber, to perform a conference focused to professionals as an example of company that bets for the development of R+D+I (Research, Technological development and innovation).

The presentation has been celebrated today in Equiplast and has been directed by Antonio Ruiz Vicente, Manager of Pohüer, who has explained the large trajectory of the company and the reason why the company bets for the innovation as evolution and development inside the plastic sector.

The company, since its foundation in 1980 as familiar company of plastic injection, started its production in the building and household sector “where the quality normative was chosen by the customer”, as Antonio Ruiz explains.

The company increased its production in the 80s and 90s, however, 2008 damaged the building sector and therefore Pohüer. This was a turning point.

As Antonio Ruiz affirms “the company had a hard work to fight the Asiatic competition and the recession in the building sector, so we only had two possibilities: close the company or renew ourselves . In no moment we doubted, we decided to renovate and bet strongly for the development and investigation”.

To have a strategy in R+D+I was a great effort for the company as Antonio Ruiz has affirmed in his presentation “we had to remodel the facilities of the company and adapt them to more complex regulations, we created a R+D+I Department with qualified staff, we extended the quality Department, we bought new machinery to the automotive sector and we started a direct collaboration with the Technological Institute of Plastic”

The presentation has not left the assistants indifferent because the company is a good example of how the difficult times can be overcome “this process has made the growth of the company possible, we have found new markets , we have created new products our staff has grown since 2008 and we have expectations to continue doing so”.

Nowadays Pohüer is doing various projects of R+D+I and has its targets set in Horizonte 2020, a European Union project for the industrial leadership of the companies in Europe.

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