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Pohuer: new corporate culture, new company

Pohuer: new corporate culture, new company

3 November, 2014Noticias

The company Pohuer from Ibi, with more than 30 years of history in the plastic injection, bets for a new corporate culture where the most important thing is the staff and the R+D+I to create new and better products.

Any important company must havea well defined company philosophy of and a personality that makes it different of the competence. Pohuer, thanks to its communications and HR department, has recently presented the new lines to follow to its employees in the corporative level.

Pohuer has defined in its new corporate culture the mission, the reason of the company, the vision, the future situation that the company wants to get, and the value of the company, the rules governing the company.

In a friendly meeting, the employees have known first-hand the new corporate culture, as well as the new corporative image represented in a new logo, related with the objectives of Pohuer and that “Enhances the ability of the company, it shows where we are going and promotes new work habits with the team”, as Antonio Ruiz Vicente, Executive Director of the company, explains.

This year the first meeting of Pohuer with their employees has been produced; however, the meeting is going to be celebrated every year to inform the staff of all the novelties “this kind of motiving journeyswith the employees is very important to us to inform them which the company situation is”.

Moreover, the journey has served to introduce the steps of the company to the employees in R+D+I as well as to present them the three CDTI national projects in which they participate, and the European project titled INNOREX.

Pohuer also has stressed the importance of the automotive and food sector, in which the company will work and will develop new products. For them, the company is doing changes in their facilities and regulations.

On the other hand, Antonio Ruiz Vicente has stressed the importance of the human capital as part of Pohuer, and accordingly, of its corporate culture “thanks to the effort of the people of Pohuer we have overcome two crisis. We are a team and we have to communicate it to our employs so they feel part of this family and we together will be able to strive for the same goals”.

Meanwhile, Antonio Ruiz Huertas, founder and CEO of the company has thanked the effort to all the employees “I thank your collaboration with Pohuer to present and absent people because I have learned from all of you and you are an important part of this company”.

Next year the company will have a lot of novelties and projects like the increased production and the creation of new workstation.

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