» Pohüer receives an important visit in its facilities: the kids of the company
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Pohüer receives an important visit in its facilities: the kids of the company

Pohüer receives an important visit in its facilities: the kids of the company

3 March, 2014Noticias

The company Pohüer, specialist in the injection of termoplastic, organized in its facilities a very special open day in which the children of the employees could know where their parents work.

The open day for the family is a great opportunity to generate a good living environment among the employees of a same organization, as well as to integrate the employees of a same company.

For that reason, and for the interest of the children  of the employees to know where their parents work, the company has decided to organize such an emotive event, according to María Ruiz, of HR Department, “Various employees told us that their children used to ask  them: Dad, Where do you work?, So we decided to prepare this event for the kids of the Pohüer family.

The day started  last Friday at 17 hours, when the employees brought their children  to Pohüer to start the visit that finished at 19 hours with a family picnic  which gathered all the employees and the kids.

María Ruiz, organized  the kids a tour around the company and its different Departments, to present all the creation processes :“The children behaved very well, and they observed attentively to the injection and quality processes, the robots operation and the manufacturing of molds”

The parents had a great leadership during the visit because they explained their task in the company, and how the machinery manufactures the pieces. This was one of the most special moments according to María Ruiz:“It was very moving when the parents and the kids were happy meeting one another inside the company”

To finish, the company organized a picnic where the parents and the kids exchanged  impresions and they lived funny moments: “It was very amusing when we asked them who fixed the machinery and they screamed: my dad, my mum!”

The initiative has been warmly welcome by the employees. This has generated a great work environment. Moreover, the company from Ibi prepared the visit respecting the security standards and the necessary exigencies such us the protection of aseptic clothes, among others.


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