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We manufacture more than 200 products We develop more than 60 industrial processes

This virtual marketplace is a tool for the business dynamism based on a 2.0 platform. It is promoted by IBIAE  and  its main objective is to hold the different companies of Ibi, as well as those who may join us in the future, together with their catalogues, products, processes and industrial competences.

What we seek is that,  taking advantage of Ibi’s brand position (Entrepreneurial Spirit), the potential clients have a deep knowledge of the broad and the different industrial competences that generates the most important area in Southern Europe  on metal, plastics and mechanics.  A satisfied client of an Ibi’s company might know which other processes, products or services could satisfiy his needs without needing to go out of the town, something that will boost synergies and economies of scale, increasing the collaboration among companies, and above all, creating new business oportunities.

A satisfied client not only generates more clients for a company, but from now on and thanks to en.ibilonjavirtual.com,  he will also generate some oportunities for other companies of Ibi.

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