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SRG Global will extend its production in Ibi

SRG Global will extend its production in Ibi

20 February, 2014Noticias

SRG Global, company specialist in the manufacturing of chrome pieces for the automotive industry worldwide, will invest 5,5 million euros in its facilities in Ibi, which will permit an increase of the production and its staff.

The multinational of plastic pieces for the automotive industry has presented a project with an investment  of nearly 30 million euros in Spain, in which 5,5 million will be gone to the facilities in Ibi, the only factory  in Europe specialist in the chromed  plastic pieces.

This initiative will permit the contract of 25 new employees in the plant in Ibi, that will be added to the curret staff formed by 100 workers. The facilities will be improved to get a high environment efficiency and the company will work to develop new advanced and developed  technologies.

Some of these technologies are advanced in the sector, like the chrome without footprint, manufactured in its plant in Ibi, which has a perfect finish to decorative applications and interior and exterior details for cars.

SRG Global acquired the plan in Ibi in 2006 and has 17 plants localized in Europe, North of America and Asia, what permits to work with the main brands like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Jaguar, General motors, Land Rover, Peugeot, Citroën, Seat and Renault.

Once more, a multinational bets for the city of Ibi to expand and to continue growing, because we need to remember that the multinational Smurfit Kappa (Plásticos Vicent) will extend its facilities in Ibi before long.


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