» Synthetic corks, the revolution of the wine sector
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Synthetic corks, the revolution of the wine sector

Synthetic corks, the revolution of the wine sector

22 April, 2014Noticias

Excellent Cork, company from Ibi created in 2006, continues its expansion in foreign markets and in our country, where the use of the synthetic cork is winning adepts.

The company Excellent Cork, emerged through the efforts of three companies, Carlos Valero SL, Plásticos Domingo and Abad Procesos Industriales, is the only company in the Valencian Community that is dedicated to the manufacturing of synthetic corks.

They are synthetic corks of very high quality, both as regards manufacture (given the fact that the system used guarantees a consistent quality), and printing, it being possible to easily check this second factor since most printing can be removed by rubbing, while the Excellent Cork is indelible. Furthermore, it has two colours.

The wine sector in one of the most rooted in our country, and with it, the production of bobber stopples whose history in Spain goes back 150 years.

However, Excellent Cork bets for the synthetic corks that every year have more adepts among winemakers, especially out of our country, for its advantages over the bobber.

For that reason, the company exports part of its production to countries like Russia, where every year 5 millions of Russians drink bottled vodka with this new system manufacted in its plant of Ibi with great results.

In our country, reference warehouses like Rioja, work with the company too ,to bottle their wines, especially those of quick consumption, although according to sources Excellent Cork affirms “We manufacture plugs for all kind of drinks: liqueurs, spirits drinks, vintage wines, champagnes, etc”.

Excellent Cork manufactures more than 35 million of synthetic corks every year that conserve perfectly the wine, permit recapping the bottle, do not break and above all, the corks don´t leave flavor in the wine, one of the most valued features for the consumers and the oenologist.

The winemakers for its part highlight that the synthetic cork permits to choose the quantity of oxygen that each elaborator wants for his wine, something revolutionary until the moment.

About the future of the company, they want to focus their  efforts in the opening of new trades abroad without forgetting the national market :“ We want to keep our national position, because the competence of the multinationals is bigger and bigger  every day and moreover there are new closures and microgranulates that are getting into the trade”

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