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The industry from Ibi appears in Expansión  Journal

The industry from Ibi appears in Expansión Journal

26 August, 2014Noticias

Expansión, the most important journal in Spain in the financial press, mentions the industry from Ibi and its large trajectory in an article that has been published this month.

The industry from Ibi is an example of reinvention and innovation, allowing them to avoid any obstacles of the way.  Expansión affirms  too “The capacity of the people from Ibi to be reborn is like the phoenix”

The article remembers the first industry from Ibi in the 19th century formed by the ice-cream manufacturing thanks to the various “Pous de Neu” (snow wells) that there are in  the mountains around the town and in which the ice was deposited. Later, the company Payá Hermanos S.L. started to manufacture toys and  with Rico S.A “ they employed almost one thousand people”, as Expansión points out.

Finally, the financial paper  recalls that nowadays Ibi is more than toys, product that the town continues manufacturing thanks to “companies like Injusa, Moltó, Claudio Reig and Coloma y Pastor”, but it is not the economy axis  in Ibi any more because the town currently has a multi sector industry.

Soledad Gutiérrez, President from IBIAE (Business Association from Ibi) remember in the article that “fiercely defending our industry” and “the toy has permitted many companies to work in other sectors by the degree of perfection demanded. For that reason, “Many companies that manufactured pieces for toy  cars, nowadays continue manufacturing the same, but for products for  adults” as Expansión points out .

The paper remarks various real examples like Flinsa, “that was founded as a tin strip store and nowadays works with all kind of metallic materials for the automotive industry”; another example is CLR that “manufactured  the little motors of the toys and currently its systems move the Audi mirrors” or Minison which used to manufacture the systems to provide  the voice to dolls, in 1991 became ITC, industry that manufactures all type of containers for Danone, Nestlé or Mercadona.

From IBIAE we spread this article because it  is a good reminder  of our industry history, and  it is a great summary of the reality of Ibi nowadays, a town which  has become a referent of the plastic- metalworking industry.

If you want to read this article completely, click here.

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