» The success of CLR: drive system to isolation barriers and smoke and heat control
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The success of CLR: drive system to isolation barriers and smoke and heat control

The success of CLR: drive system to isolation barriers and smoke and heat control

14 February, 2017Noticias

Companies from IBIAE are in the forefront, in this case, CLR. An international company, which makes passive solutions for fires, called CLR with this purpose: to develop a solution which makes easier emergency building-evacuations in case of fire.

In this case, CLR had the opportunity to work in an interesting project inside the security sector attending for fire doors or isolation barriers.

The projects required to initiate an automatic process which moves a rolling protect curtain to smoke and heat control. This design had a great projection because its application helps to improve the security of shopping centres, hospitals, airports, stations, hotels and another large buildings with massive flows of people.

Passive solutions sector for fires is constantly evolving. New safety and evacuation regulations and the desire to prevent major damage in any accident related with fire have motivated the appearance of fire control systems like: smoke and heat control, luminescent signage, flameproof treatments or isolation barriers.

Which was the main challenge of this project?

The major problem was the difficulty to find a perfect movement in the falling of the isolation barrier. This system should work safely in extreme situations and without electricity supply.

Gearmotors must let the depression of the barrier controlled. The purpose was to protect an area from the smoke to save a safely way for building-evacuations.

This system should be approved by the European UNE-EN 12101-1 Standard of smoke and heat control systems and it should count with CE certificate of conformity.








Which was the solution that CLR raised for isolated barriers?

CLR developed a planetary gear which has a cylindric form that fits perfectly with the space available. The gearmotor behaviour is very simple. The actuating mechanism allows to hold control rolled barriers with very low consumption. When it receives the alarm signal the gearmotor is disabled to unroll the isolated barriers in a controlled way and the gravity does the rest.









After the oversight in situ of our engineers they checked that it worked correctly. From then on, this solution just had to pass relevant essays and homologations to confirm its market launch.

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